Friday, March 15, 2013

More Laptop Woes

My brand-new laptop, replacing the laptop the jealous dog destroyed, has bitten the dust. I am reduced to time-limited use of library computers until the replacement arrives this weekend. Once it does and I get it all set up--all over again!--I will have a post about AWP in Boston with over 12,000 writers, another about Deborah Miranda's incredible new book, and another Writers of Color post with Luivette Resto, Heid Erdrich, and Patricia Spears Jones. *summons the laptop gods now* "Hurry, hurry/Bring my new laptop to me."


  1. All the best in getting a new one that works like a dream so your posts won't be interrupted again. I'm researching lp's too, before my old one takes a dive (the keyboard letters are half gone).

  2. Thanks, Mona. I just got my replacement laptop and am installing everything back on it. Here's hoping it's the last I'll have to mess with it. Good luck in your own laptop search. Back up obsessively if you're that close to the end of your current one. I'm grateful that I've become a fanatic about it, so I lost nothing this time.

  3. You have to set it up all over again? That’s a tough one. But knowing that you backed-up every document you have is a relief. Somehow, the stress is not that overwhelming compared to losing everything. And in my opinion, it’s really helpful to be a fanatic of backing up than to lose every work you have. Hang in there!

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  4. One disadvantage on having a new laptop is having to set everything all over again. It can be exhausting at times, especially if you use a lot of programs for your work. But compared to the convenience and peace of mind it can give, it was all worth it. How is it, btw? I hope you’re not encountering any problems with the new one.

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN