Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching Up

I'm sorry to have been such a slacker at this blog, but my life took a bit of a detour from normalcy when my husband had a heart attack the evening of Luis Rodriguez's event, April 29. Hospital, 85% blocked artery, discussion whether to do bypass or angioplasty, decision for the latter because of his youth, and recovery--these all sent my life down the rabbit hole for a while.

Ben is still in cardiac rehabilitation, but he's responding very well so far. We feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have celebrated his 49th birthday the other day.

And so, life goes on. I hope to do a better job of posting to the blog now that we're settling into our drastically changed lifestyle and I've pulled back from a bunch of community activities. I've done some reviews of excellent books. As soon as they're out and I can, I'll post some of them here.

Take care, and turn to the people most dear to you and let them know how happy you are that they're in your lives.