Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Back on 2012 in This Blog

Happy New Year! Before beginning 2013, I want to look back on 2012 in this blog. I've posted below links to various blog posts in 2012 that people found particularly interesting or helpful. I haven't posted any of my two continuing blog series, Books of Interest by Writers of Color and Literary Mystery Novelists, because that would force me to choose among them, and I think they're all important. All of those posts in both series are clearly marked, however, so just click on the blog archives and you can pick and choose among many fine writers last year and in the years before.

The posts I've linked to below are posts on topics of interest to writers and readers or individual posts where I've discussed some current issues in our country and world. Next week, I will be starting a new set of posts in the Books of Interest by Writers of Color and Literary Mystery Novelists series. But first, let's look back on last year one last time.

Great First Crime Novel Contests With No Fees

The Two Full-Time Jobs of the Novelist

Juggling Novel Writing and Book Promotion—Part 1: Resources

Juggling Novel Writing and Book Promotion—Part 2: The Next Steps

How Best to Support Your Favorite Writers and Make Sure the Books You Love Keep Coming

Literary Mystery Novelists: A Requested List, Part 1

Literary Mystery Novelists: A Requested List, Part 2

5 Tips on Social Media for Today’s Author—Guest blog by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Forgotten Arts

First Steps Toward Publishing Your Novel

Of Books, Politics, and Privilege

That Old Black Dog of Fear

Why Writers Disappear and How to Keep It from Happening to Your Favorites

What Kind of Imagination Do You Have?
I hope your 2013 is opening in a gentle and happy manner. May we all have a wonderful year of blessings, success, and joy!


  1. Thanks for reposting these, Linda. I'm taking a very hesitant look at the no fee contests. xo

  2. Reine, when you have your novel in final shape, those will be a good way for you to go. A real chance at publication. Also, I can't remember if I posted a link to it there or not, but Malice Domestic has a contest for a manuscript-in-progress. Think of that, as well. If I didn't post that link, you'll find it on the Malice website. Just google Malice Domestic.

  3. Terrific posts, Linda. May you have a happy and successful 2013!

    1. Kara,

      Thanks so much! I have to admit mine's started a little rocky with some visits to hospital and then the flu. But I figure that means the rest of the year's going to be super, right? I hope your own 2013 brings you writing success and much joy!

  4. Cooool. Thanks for pointing me here, Linda!

  5. Great! I hope you find them useful, Lisa.