Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Off to Bouchercon in Cleveland!

I'm off to Bouchercon in Cleveland. Bouchercon is the big world mystery conference. This year its guests of honor feature Elizabeth George, Robin Cook, Mary Higgins Clark, Les Roberts, Doris Ann Norris, and John Connolly. Truly a stellar group! Other notable attendees include Steve Hamilton, Sara Paretsky, Charlaine Harris, Donna Andrews, Heather Blake, Cara Black, Julie Hyzy, Jan Burke, Alafair Burke, Robert Olen Butler, Michael Connelly, Charles and Caroline Todd, Val McDermid, And of course, the great Jungle Red Writers of the blog of the same name--Julia Spencer-Fleming a nominee for the Anthony Best Book Award), Roberta Isleib/Lucy Burdette (a nominee for the Anthony Best Short Story Award), Deborah Crombie, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Hallie Ephron, Rosemary Harris, and Rhys Bowen. Bouchercon will be a hive of famous and wonderful writers!

In addition to the Anthony Awards banquet, Bouchercon will offer the Shamus Awards banquet, where all the awards for best private eye novels and short stories are given. The opening ceremonies will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And the panels are many and incredible. The big problem is that there are so many I want to attend that are taking place at the same time. In the evening, different publishers, magazines, and other entities of the mystery world host parties and receptions.

This will be my very first Bouchercon, and I'm excited to attend. I'll try to post some photos and a report on the conference after I return.

On to Cleveland!


  1. Have a good weekend at Bouchercon, Linda! Say hi to people for me!

  2. You're much missed, Ben! It feels like all of Twitter is here.