Friday, June 26, 2009

It's hot!!!!

Last night's Big Tent Reading at the Raven in Lawrence was a lovely event. About 35 people attended--a very receptive audience. Sold three books. The woman who introduced me found out about my cookbook just before and told everyone it was easy to find poets but a good cookbook author was hard to find.

One woman drove up from Topeka to Lawrence because my former cousin-in-law had recommended to her that she come. She and Mary Lou are involved in a girls' mentoring project together, and Mary Lou knew that she wrote poetry. I think we'll have a new member of the Latino Writers Collective in Topeka now.

We're in a heat advisory again. It's too early for this. We don't usually get this kind of heat until after the 4th of July. When we have to go outside, we throw ourselves into it, panting like dogs. Thank heavens for the person who invented air conditioning!

Going to hear Robert Olen Butler read tonight. That's certainly something to look forward to.

Stay cool wherever you are!

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