Monday, June 22, 2009

Exciting Links--At Least for Me

First of all, tomorrow Garrison Keillor reads my poem, "The Sun Grows in Your Smile," on the Writers Almanac, then on June 27, he reads "Meditation on the Word NEED." Both poems are from Heart's Migration. Here's a sneak preview of tomorrow's. And here's a sneak preview of June 27th.

Next, here's the lovely post Francisco Aragon wrote on Letras Latinas today. Francisco is a consummate encourager and supporter of writers. At the AWP earlier this year, I watched as he introduced people to each other, helped them make crucial connections, opened doors for them, made opportunities available to them--constantly! And I never saw him look as mischievously happy as when he had been able to do something kind for another writer. The world needs more Franciscos--that's for sure!

Finally, my dear friend, Denise Low-Weso, who will be relinquishing the mantle of poet laureate for Kansas to Carryn-Miriam Goldberg on July 1, sent around her final official Ad Astra broadside, and this one was about me. The Lawrence Journal-World and several other papers picked it up and ran it as an article. Denise has been a superlative poet laureate who's worked overtime to bring poetry into the everyday lives of Kansans and to showcase poets with Kansas roots. I'll be at the Lawrence Arts Center on July 1 to cheer her out and cheer Carryn in. And to read for the launch of a new anthology in which I have a long poem.

I also received the manuscripts for my Macondo workshop with Ruth Behar and Marjorie Agosin. Wonderful work by a fascinating group of writers. Of course, I'm so excited to be going to study with Behar and Agostin. I'm absolutely looking forward to Macondo!

What a lovely day! Hope yours has been just as fine.

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